Matias Aguayo has been changing the way that South America grooves. As part of the party crew bumbumbox, Aguayo and friends have been taking dance music to the the streets of Buenos Aires (and sometimes Santiago and São Paolo) for a series of impromptu public space parties. But Aguayo, who is based between Paris and Buenos Aires, doesn't just confine his creativity to city street corners.

Earlier this year, we caught Aguayo play with LA team Droog in a very ordinary Hollywood club. It was, however, no run-of-the-mill set. Aguayo flits back and forth between DJing and live, original performance, always keeping the momentum at midnight levels.

Aguayo is in town once again, this time joining Droog on the rooftop of The Standard Downtown. Don't miss out this Sunday afternoon.

Matias Aguayo “Sao Riddim”

Matias Aguayo “Bo Jack”

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