Informal Summer Vibes: Los Angeles-based producer and DJ informal. has been into electronic music since high school.

“At the time people like Alesso, SHM, Avicii, Calvin Harris, etc. were really big and dance music was becoming more and more popular,” he says. “But I didn’t start DJing until I was in college, had been to a few shows / festivals, started discovering more genres, and really fell in love with the scene. Producing came pretty soon after that. I wanted to learn HOW this music was made, not just play it. A friend of mine showed me Ableton, and I haven’t looked back. I starting taking things really seriously when I moved to LA after graduating. I got a job at a studio in town and sort of dove head-first into the music industry. My schooling was in business and I had no formal music education, so it was a bit of a ‘hail-mary’.

The artist says that he finds it very hard to describe his sound.

“For the longest time I said ‘indie-electronic’ but that doesn’t quite feel right,” informal. says. “It’s got a little bit of indie influence, but the bounce and grit of electronic production. I think my manager Jake nailed it on the head the other day when he described it as ‘electro-summer,’ so I’m gonna go with that!”

informal. believes that the electronic music scene is in an amazing place right now.

“More than ever, new sounds are popping up all over the place,” he says. “I think there have been so many genres that have come and gone now that we’re starting to marry different genres in the same piece of music, and that’s created some really cool sounds. Also, apps like TikTok make it easy for lesser-known artists to have their voices heard when they normally wouldn’t be able to cut through the noise. In addition, the live aspect of electronic music is really exciting right now. In addition to all of the awesome festivals happening all over the world, tons of pop-ups are happening every week in all sorts of locations. It kind of gives that grass-roots / DIY feeling that the scene started with back in the 90s. I think that’s awesome. We all love a good, well-planned 3-day music festival, but there’s nothing like a 4am warehouse party, ya know?”

His forthcoming EP is called informal. beach club.

“This EP is a really exciting step in my career,” he says. “Up until now, I’ve never done a multi-track project; It’s always just been singles or remixes. Putting together a project like this has been a really fun process. Starting with an overall vision and slowly rolling out all of the music, artwork, and content has been quite the learning experience. It’s one thing to put out a single and its accompanying artwork, but to roll out several singles over the course of several months, while maintaining an overall creative vision takes a lot more focus and organization. I’m fortunate enough to have an awesome creative director (Ronnie Loyd) that has helped every step of the way. This EP is a collection of music that I feel best defines the “informal. sound” in this moment. All of the tracks are perfect for that summer drive to the beach. There’s a nice blend of genres and I think it’s got something for everybody. Almost the entire EP was written, recorded, and produced by me. The exception would be ‘gone girl’ which features James Kaye on the vocals, who helped to write the song along with his engineer Sean Ross, their collaborator Wynn, and myself. It was one of those sessions where I came in, played the instrumental 1 time for James, and he just went in the booth and laid down his magic. One of the coolest sessions I’ve ever been a part of for sure. I hope that magic we experienced in the studio is felt through the song.”

Looking ahead, informal. has plenty planned for the rest of 2022.

“I’ve definitely got a few more singles up my sleeve for the rest of 2022,” he says. “The EP was the big project of the year. We’ve got some exciting shows coming up to support the EP that I’ll be announcing very soon! We’ve been brainstorming the ‘informal. beach club coastal tour’ so keep your eyes glued on my socials. Look out for some ‘informal. beach club’ merch too after the EP drops! Other than that, I’m gonna keep doing my thing, and sharing the informal. vibe with the world.”

Informal Summer Vibes: informal.’s single “favorite places” is out now.

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