Diamond Bar's city council may have folded under the millions of dollars its town was offered to cooperate, but Walnut is still suing Industry to get its neighbor to halt the giant rubber stamp that's been hammering overtime to clear the way for an $800 million NFL stadium. Thanks to Curbed L.A., for flagging the Citizens Against Stadium Web site that's been set up by Walnut residents. First thoughts:

1. We always admire plucky citizens who summon the iron and guts to push aside their spineless elected officials so they can battle powerful developer interests and do what it takes to block construction projects that are both colossal and hideous. On the other hand —

2. The Walnut campaign against super-developer Ed Roski's proposed stadium is the mother of all NIMBY fights, combining malarial predictions of doom and shameless appeals to emotions easily manipulated by the thought of invading outsiders. Consider that the site promises these biblical plagues in the event of the stadium's construction:

  • Traffic, noise, pollution, drunk drivers, loss of property values, increased crime.

  • Did we mention crime? The anti-stadium group claims the L.A. Sheriff's Department is asking that Roski's stadium include a 30-prisoner jail — you know, as though it's one of those sports-complex amenities like restrooms or hot dog stands that fans have come to expect. The gentle people of Walnut should be reminded that, by “football stadium,” Industry doesn't mean it's moving in the Manchester United soccer club.

  • A proposed new radio tower on the premises will “prevent plant growth . . . Wildlife entering the area will have an unlikely chance of survival.”

But the truly wacky suburban paranoia, as Curbed L.A. points out, comes with intimations of increased terrorist threats to the area and the possibility of motocross racing and monster truck rallies being held inside the stadium. If that weren't enough, according to the citizens' site, there would be:

“helicopter fly-overs and blimps . . . Rock concerts could last all day

and night

. . . There would be fireworks, crowd cheering, loudspeakers, music,

skateboards, tailgating parties, car alarms, door slammings, vehicle


Crowd cheering. Skateboards. And door slammings. Hey, what about the Pimp Museum that no doubt Roski and his puppet government in Industry plan on building on the mezzanine?

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