Indii G Releases Hampton: Lo-Fi rapper Indii G has released a fantastic new single and video called “Hampton.”

“It’s never too late to fix any mistakes you’ve made in the past. Keep trying and don’t give up, it gets better,” said Indii G in a statement. “It’s about rekindling a lost flame; looking back on my mistakes with this person, realizing how we’ve grown from it and how we’ve come back stronger.”

It’s such a chill tune on the surface, with conflict on the lyrics “Ask me what happened,” he sings. “I see my remedy was an overreaction.” Oooph! There’s some rough stuff going on in that discussion.

The video, directed by Dylan Stein, is beautifully shot in a gloomy room and on a rooftop. The dichotomy between those two locations adds to the juxtaposition of moods in the song.

“This is probably my favorite video I’ve done so far! I think every visual element from the background dancer to the lottery ticket explosion perfectly captures the feel of the song,” adds Indii. “Dylan did an excellent job executing the concept, and even tho it started to get pretty cold on that rooftop, I definitely had a blast on set filming it!”

Indii G Releases Hampton: Indii G’s “Hampton” is out now.


Indii G press bio:

“A modest rapper on the rise, citing collabs with Powfu and Sadboyprolific  Indii G. started making music as a diary, putting his feelings into fruit for hip-hop heads and DIY chillwave enthusiasts alike. With more than a million streams on Spotify, the Louisiana native is building momentum with his velvety echoed layers, infectious beats and gentle, harmonic vocals. Since his start in 2016, his diary has blossomed into an EP and over a dozen singles including ‘Secrets,’ ‘Story’s End,’ ‘Drifting’ and ‘Cherry Blossom.'”

LA Weekly