Indie 103.1 FM, the lauded, independent-streaked commercial rock radio station, just announced on the air that the station will stop broadcasting over the airwaves effective immediately, and will become an Internet-only station. The station has already updated its website to reflect the move. It's still on the airwaves, though — playing “Guns of Brixton” no less. We'll keep you posted on breaking news. We've sent a query into the station, and will let you know what we find out.

UPDATE: I was scheduled to be on Jonesy's Jukebox again tomorrow (I now have the dubious distinction of being one of the final judges on last week's Jukebox Jury panel), and just received notification that my appearance has been canceled, which leads me to wonder whether Jonesy's Jukebox will remain as part of the Internet broadcast or whether Jonesy's not remaining with the station. Thusfar I've not gotten an answer to my query.

UPDATE #2: No Jonesy on the Internet, either. Apparently there will be no DJs on the online version of Indie 103.1. Indie's groundbreaking format is, in effect, dead.

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