Ah, what a difference a year makes…

Back in July, 2009, a lovely Malibu chanteuse and piano player, a model-caliber beauty originally from Russia, unveiled the very professionally directed video for her song “Beautiful Heartache.” A video featuring tango dancing, knife-throwers, and flaming pianos. Yes–flaming pianos.

Extremely professionally directed, we should say, as its creator was none other than multiple-Academy Award winner, blockbuster Jesus biopic masterminder, and long-term super-A lister Mel Gibson.

That's right: a year ago Mel Gibson directed a supremely cheesy video for Oksana Grigorieva's non-hit “Beautiful Heartache.” Back then, he seemed so smitten with his new lover/wife/homewrecker/mother of his spawn/Russian bride that he created a sexxxy tango-style video to highlight her questionable talents (ahem, lady is pretty, but cannot sing to save her life, even though tabloids called her a “Russian pop star” when they first hooked up).

Today, as you've probably heard, the heartache is not beautiful at all, as both former lovebirds are entangled in a bitter divorce battle. Highlights from the tape leaked today to tabloidy websites:

Gibson calling Oksana's breast implants “foreign bodies

Gibson complaining about Oksana's “ridiculous” “fake tits”

Gibson telling Oksana she looks like a cheap “Vegas Whore”

Gibson telling Oksana she looks like a “fucking bitch on [sic] heat” and fantasizing about her getting raped by a pack of african-american gentlemen (Gibson uses a different word).

Gibson telling Oksana she shows off in tight outfits, is provocative, and people can see her pudenda (Gibson uses a different word) from behind

Ok, enough about that, wanna see the Mel Gibson-directed video from a time when he didn't mind Oksana's provocative hotness? Here you go:

LA Weekly