The real Heino is one of the most famous German schlager singers, a bombastic, kitsch-as-all-getout folkloric superstar who has been churning out album after album of songs about the beauty of his homeland, his mom, cowboys and how much he would like to be in South America

While collectors of incredible strange music have known about Heino for years (thanks, Jello Biafra!), a few years ago Canadian comedian Marc Hickox brought Heinomania to a whole other audience with his all-singing stand-up act. Hickox, in full Heino drag, does '80s covers in the style of Ol' Weird Eyes and has hilarious, bawdy interactions with the audience, always interspersed with “Jawohls!” and constant intimations to “singt mit Heino.”

The comedy Heino's natural L.A. home is the notoriously Germanophile Red Lion tavern in Silver Lake, but next week he's slowly making his way towards Hollywood with a variety extravaganza in partnership with Lucha Vavoom (who'll provide a hula-hopping madchen for the always randy Heino) at El Cid. Expect inappropriate Nazi jokes, tanzing und lots of weird versions of songs you know and love rendered in the deepest Teutonic baritone.

Oh, and he's just unleashed an incredibly strange promo video. Watch:

The real Heino is also very strange looking, with a trademark image (we mean this literally — Heino once sued a punk rocker who dressed up like him!) of albino-white hair, dark sunglasses, cadaverous complexion, and awkward facial expressions.

Here's the German's Heino wunderbar video for “Caramba Caracho Ein Whisky,” our favorite son of his:

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