To some people, meat is murder, to others, it is delicious, and some people even use meat as clothing. To the lunatics at DIKLIK art and Meltdown Comics, though, meat's true purpose is Art. Tonight, March 3rd at 7 p.m. at the Meltdown Gallery in Hollywood, they'll kick off an exhibit called Meat! with an opening reception. The show, which features works from carnivartists extraordinaire such as Michael Kupperman, Brandon Bird, Charlyne Yi, and Carlos Ramos, among many others, will run for two weeks, until the 17th of March.

You may already be sweating in anticipation, but just in case you weren't, there's even more protein-rich goodness to be enjoyed. Alie & Georgia, the hosts of Drinks with Alie & Georgia and the drinksmiths behind the horrifying McNuggetini, will be mixing up some meat-themed cocktails to macerate your mind, and we bet they'll be strong enough to have you butchering Meatloaf songs in no time.

The Great Balls on Tires truck will also be on hand to sate your hunger (if the show hasn't caused a vegetarian awakening) and provide material for ball-related puns. All Morrissey jokes aside, we do recommend visiting sometime soon; these works might not have quite as much life after sitting out in a gallery for a week or two.

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