Sweet Hours Have Perished Here; This is a Mighty Room . . .

–Emily Dickinson

It's the most mysterious room in a house, the place where we spend more time in darkness than light. It's the room where monsters might be hiding under the bed, or in the head as we cling to the cares of a day, worrying ourselves into a relentless rhythm of tossing and turning. It's also the most intimate room in a house, the place where we can shed the accouterments we put on each day for the world, where we can slip into unconsciousness. It's a room to watch TV or let passion flourish, to revel in solitude or glide into fantasy. It's the room where we give ourselves over to our most private self — to dreams, to fears, to the inchoate. And, often, it's the room we consider least as we create our vision of home. Plus, there's that eternal question: Where does the bed best fit? Yet for some, the bedroom — with all of its design challenges — transcends the idea of mere sleeping space: It's the place to play out the exotic, the whimsical, the seductive, the fantastic, the historic. For eight Angelenos — all of whom worked as their own interior designers — that's just the start.

—Kateri Butler

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