Immagine In Cornice “Picture in a Frame”– A Pearl Jam Film

By Ryan Colditz

I have been on Pearl Jam overload the past few months. That's saying a lot if you know me. Traveling to Europe to see the band this past summer had been a lifelong dream.

I Did it.

I Loved it.

After returning, I felt like I had conquered my favorite band and there was nothing left to experience with Pearl Jam. Life moved on.

Alas, there was a screening of their new documentary Immagine In Cornice “Picture in a Frame”. The movie chronicles the band's five show tour through Italy in 2006. Having the chance to see a Pearl Jam movie on the big screen was something I could not miss. I expected to see the usual faces, concert acquaintances who always show up at the same events. I thought it would be pretty kick back with lots of empty seats. I showed up to a full house, and an amazing film that rivals their 1998 film Single Video Theory. Instead of a run-of-the-mill concert film, the cameras go behind the scenes, showing how each band member experiences touring in their own way. On top of that, great camera work captures exactly what it is to be at one of their shows. An experience always unique from the last.

Check out the movie if you like rock and roll. Check out the movie if you don't know who Pearl Jam is, or think you don't like them. After this film you will see who Pearl Jam is, why they are still making music after all these years, and why fans worldwide will do anything it takes to see them perform.

They are the way bands used to be, when music meant something.

See you at the next show.

Lukin– Acoustic, from Immagine In Cornice “Picture in a Frame”

Ryan Colditz followed Pearl Jam across Europe in June. Check out his blog postings by clickng here

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