ImageSource’s ILINX Platform Offers Transformative Business Solutions

Marni Carmichael, VP of Marketing at Image Source

Nearly 30 years ago, cofounders Terry Sutherland and Victor Zvirzdys founded ImageSource, specializing in consulting, strategic analysis, and rapid application deployment of process automation solutions. The goal: to address the issues they noticed in organizations’ disjointed business processes, struggling to keep up with looming compliance standards and a rapidly-changing landscape.

“ImageSource started as a systems integrator; understanding their customers’ needs enabled them to develop a software platform that met their needs more directly,” the company’s VP of Marketing, Marni Carmichael, says of Sutherland, its CEO, and Zvirzdys, its CFO. In 2008, the duo oversaw the development of the ILINX software platform, geared toward maximizing process reliability, reducing risk, and increasing revenue; in January 2021, they released ILINX 9.0, complete with leading-edge solutions from analytics and data loss prevention to workflow automation and systems integration. Today, leading brands from Suzuki to Experian have used the platform to modernize and streamline their business processes, as have a range of organizations in the public sector.

The ILINX Platform, Explained

“ILINX is the world’s most flexible process improvement platform,” Carmichael says. “We innovate business processes, making them more efficient as well as improving the extension of services to customers and constituents.”

Leveraging its team’s deep expertise in advanced automation technology and implementation, ImageSource empowers business enterprises and government organizations to not only reduce risk and increase revenue, but also modernize operations and transform the customer experience entirely.

How Organizations Benefit From ILINX

ImageSource addresses a variety of needs faced by state agencies like the Employment Security Division, the Department of Health and Human Services (DHS), and Child and Family Services, all of which provide a great deal of public-facing services.

“It’s critical that processes are efficient and available 24/7 for service without the need for person-to-person interaction,” Carmichael says. When unemployment claims jumped dramatically at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, she recalls, ImageSource helped state agencies scale their efforts to support the exponential increase in volume while providing critical services and financial assistance to individuals and families. Since then, she says, the company has been building on those successes to help those agencies interact with their communities even more effectively.

ImageSource has also worked extensively with Washington State Tribal Nations. Early on in the pandemic, there was an urgent need to automate COVID test schedules, document results, and schedule vaccinations, and that information needed to be shared with state and federal agencies. To do so, the organization leveraged ILINX’s process improvement tools, fast-tracking the design and implementation of an eForm solution supporting test scheduling, capturing workflow, communicating results, and digitally sharing information with pertinent agencies.

Within a week, the solution went from prototype to live on the Nation’s website. After a successful launch, it was eventually expanded to facilitate vaccination scheduling as well.

Another ImageSource client is a large international credit bureau that has relied on ILINX for claims processing, working with them to quickly deploy a data loss prevention system enabling it to secure information from anywhere.

“We continue to make ILINX more efficient for them over the years in many different ways,” Carmichael notes.

One important facet of that relationship is regulation compliance, an issue of critical importance. “We also helped them become more resilient and efficient, transitioning to a work-from-home environment,” she says, recalling how the company moved many of its office-based services to virtual configurations; ImageSource facilitated the process of moving securely to remote-first work culture.

Helping organizations and businesses across a wide range of industries become more efficient and enhance user experience in the process, ImageSource is headquartered in Olympia, Washington, with additional offices in Irvine, California and Monument, Colorado.

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