I'm a whale watcher. Watchin' whales go by. My my my. If you're interested in getting wowed by whales as well, perhaps the best way to do so is by hitching a ride with the Cabrillo Whalewatch Program. You and your whale-watching compadres will set out to sea, along with one of the organization's naturalists, who will sneak you into the coolest whale hangouts this side of Hawaii, where hopefully a Moby Dick or two will make an appearance. These guides are not only knowledgeable about the Pacific gray whale, but dolphins, sea lions, birds and all sorts of other watery friends you may spot along the way. Best of all, you get a badass “Official Whalewatcher” card at the end of your trip. Take that, SAG. Whale watching season runs from Dec. 26 through the end of March. (310) 548-8397 or CabrilloWhalewatch@gmail.com for reservations.

Dec. 26-March 27, 2010

LA Weekly