Despite the oversize voice of hatred heard on local AM radio, a vast majority of you people are cool with making working illegal immigrants here legal.

The latest Public Policy Institute of California survey finds that a record high 76 percent of Californians favor “giving illegal immigrants who have been working here the chance to keep their jobs and apply for legal status.”

That's what President Obama proposed to do as part of an immigration reform package he announced this week:

The survey found another record high — 63 percent of you — believe that immigrants are a benefit to the state because of their skills and hard work.

(Again, not something you hear much on AM talk radio).

A record low percentage of of Californians, 31 percent, believe immigrants are a burden because they use our public services, PPIC reports.

But … keep in mind that Latinos, who tend to support their ethnic brethren in matters of immigration, are a growing part of California's populace and will overtake whites as the largest ethnic group in the state as soon as this summer.

And so, according to PPIC:

Latinos (84%) are far more likely than whites (45%) to say immigrants are a benefit.


PPIC surveyed 1,704 voters and says the results have a 3.5 percent margin of error.

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