Now, if you read this particularly author you know we have defended the undocumented as a necessary and sometimes-abused cog in our unjust economic system. You can't diss 'em and still get your car washed, eat out for dinner, or even buy lettuce. Just can't.

Well, for all you illegal haters, we have an early holiday gift for you:

An illegal immigrant who claimed she gave birth to 20 children on the same day in order to receive refunds and tax benefits was sentenced to a year and a half behind bars, the U.S. Attorney's Office in L.A. says.

Her name is Norma Coronel, and she's a 40-year-old who formerly resided in L.A., says the office's Thom Mrozek.

According to him:

Coronel admitted that in 2003 she applied for and obtained Social Security numbers for at least 20 fictitious children, falsely claiming that the children had been born to her at a Los Angeles hospital on December 11, 2002. Using these bogus identities, Coronel prepared and filed fraudulent federal tax returns for family members and friends that claimed dependent deductions and fraudulently sought refunds.

Coronel admitted in the plea agreement that she had frequently directed the IRS to send the refund checks to her own residence or to accounts that she controlled.

Wow. And you think Octomom was fertile? Coronel pleaded guilty to tax return fraud, Social Security fraud and theft of government property.

The moral of this story? Okay, not all illegals are good, hard-working people. AND, if you're going to try this (and we don't recommend it), spread your babies' birthdays apart a little. Right?

Okay John & Ken, have a field day.

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