U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials announced on Thursday they seized 600 illegal Barbie dolls worth nearly $24,000 dollars. It wasn't clear if the undocumented Barbies were from Mexico, so hold off on the illegal bashing.

(Besides, Mexican Barbies are high-maintenance and would only come here to steal your man, not your job. And they speak English. They'd be like, “Ay, migra, watch the hair. Give me my scrunchie back. Psss. Careful with the nails. No me moleste!” … We're just kideen!).

The fake Barbies (no, Shauna Sand was not among them) were discovered at the Port of San Diego in part of a shipment of 350 boxes in mid-November. The CBP called the figurines “of poor quality” (definitely not Shauna Sand) and without licensing info. The previous month saw another attempted run of foreign Barbies into the states, with a haul of 20 boxes being seized. The 1,920 counterfeit Barbies had a retail value of $34,502.

Tis the season, in fact, for fake toys, and the CBP in San Diego reports seizing $1.5 million dollars worth of counterfeit toy Jeep trucks alone.

LA Weekly