Could the L.A. City Council be any more out-of-touch with its half-lidded constituents this fine 4/20?

In a move reminiscent of Invisible Children declaring April 20, 2012 “Kony Day” (the looney Evangelical charity apparently expects us to do activism and stuff while stoned), councilmembers are choosing to blissfully ignore the thick blanket of smoke covering Los Angeles and instead celebrate “Dia de Siqueiros” today.

What the F is a Siqueiros, you ask?


The holiday is named after David Alfaro Siqueiros, a Mexican artist who spent the year 1932 hiding out in Los Angeles. While he was here, he painted the mural America Tropical, which was whitewashed soon after but eventually shone through the coat of censorship “like a ghostly apparition,” according to the City Council. Thus “[inspiring a] modern mural movement throughout the United States, indelibly transforming our visual landscape.”

Which is all good and enrichy! But we've read the resolution over about three times now, and cannot find any specific reason why the City Council chose 4/20 for their Mexican history lesson.

Marijuana's biggest day isn't just for slacky stoners. Medical-marijuana activists across California, and the country, are using 4/20 to ask for real reform in America's backward pot policy and enforcement.

“It's a traditional day of celebration for the cannabis community,” said Dale Sky Jones, who runs the recently busted Oaksterdam University in Oakland. “It's a day of protest this year.”

By choosing 4/20 as the date for “Dia de Siqueiros” — a whopper of a time-waster, besides — the City Council is essentially hawking a loogie in the face of weed activists. As an extra blow, the resolution is authored by Councilman Jose Huizar, the unofficial leader of local government's crusade to rid Los Angeles of its signature pot shops.

Come on, guys. We already have to share 4/20 with Hitler. Isn't there any other day open in 2012 that you haven't already designated for some obscure figure in L.A. history?

City documents don't get much more flowery than this:

WHEREAS, the America Tropical mural consists of a Mayan-like pyramid with a central figure, an Indian peon crucified on a double cross, with what the artist called an “American imperialist eagle” stretching out its talons above him. Two revolutionary soldiers, one aiming his rifle at the eagle, are depicted in the mural's upper right hand corner. Blocks of stone and pre-Columbian sculptures are scattered among the primeval growth of a great twisting tree. These images evoke the devastation of ancient Indian civilization. Deep green, acmes, and reds dominated the mural;

Can't we get a WHEREAS for all the SoCal party people fighting for their right to get high self-medicate? We're willing to bet even Siqueiros enjoyed a good spliff between masterpieces.

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