Judging from the chorus of preemptive groans heard (RT!) round our Twitter timelines this weekend, many of you not going to SXSW are dreading the takeover of Twitter by those who are.

But thanks to Lanyard, a directory of conferences, now you don't have to make like a kindergartener and squeeze your eyes shut in order to pretend SXSW is not happening. They've created a Twitter app to make SXSW disappear–at least virtually.

From TechCrunch:

Not at SXSW is an extension for both Chrome and Firefox that alters Twitter.com to remove all tweets that reference the conference. But that's not good enough. So the extension also blocks tweets from all those Twitter users known to be attending SXSW!

And it's easy enough to turn the extension on and off from Twitter.com (just click on the new link at the top of your stream that shows you how many tweets are being hidden due to SXSWness). From here you can also decide to just hide tweets with the hashtag #sxsw or #sxswi and/or the known attendees.

As TechCrunch also notes, Lanyard isn't hating the game, it's just hating the players. Ice T, forgive the inversion.

Thanks to John Gotty for the tip.

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