If you were alive in the '80s (or really wished you'd been alive in the '80s and have done your research), you probably remember the “Saurus” line of T-shirts. Designed by Cliff Galbraith, they featured different fanciful dinosaurs with names like Computasaurus, Golfasaurus, etc. and a very distinctive font. The musically minded among you will remember, of course, the legendary Rockasaurus t-shirt. Well, the whole line is back:

According to the new website announcing the return of the shirts,

The Saurus Gang was created by Cliff Galbraith in 1986, in Matawan NJ. The first Saurus was Computasaurus, followed by Shopasaurus and Partyasaurus. At the time, Cliff and his father Ray, owned a struggling T-shirt printing company Talking Tops. Inc.The print shop was transfored almost overnight into a thriving business because of the Saurus popularity. Ray Galbraith saw to it that the Saurus Gang became an international licensing phenomena while Cliff drew hundreds of new Sauruses.

Here's a closeup of the classic Rockasaurus image and caption:

Rockasaurus: he's ba-aack!

Rockasaurus: he's ba-aack!

LA Weekly