So there's a band called The FunkyJahPunkys, first of all. How Bradley Nowell or Nick Hexum missed that one we may never know. Secondly, they're from Las Vegas, a notorious enclave for Stateside Rastafarianism. Thirdly, Ice T — godfather of gangsta rap and coiner of the term “O.G.” — has contributed his lyrical talent to a “hit new single” by the aforementioned Punkys, a move no doubt being met around the globe with a resounding “WTF?!” But it actually happened, and you can see it right here on West Coast Sound. Keep in mind that these are adults.

Allow us to reiterate: W. T. F. Would it be wrong of us to suggest someone get ahold of Chris Smith, director of American Movie, and let him know there's a rock-doc (err, funk-punk-dub-doc) waiting to be made with his name on it?

And as for Ice-T's involvement, the man still sounds hard over beats and riffage alike, but seeing him don his reading specs to deliver the line, “Corporate takeover! / CEOs need a motherfucking shotgun face makeover!” takes a little bit of the “umph” out.

Ahh, Vegas. Where all of life's wonderful things can be captured in a single photo.

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