As an occasional music journalist and longtime songwriter, Ian Hunter has always been more willing than most musicians to demystify the rock industry. His bleary-eyed 1972 journal, Diary of a Rock ’n’ Roll Star, written during a tour with his old band Mott the Hoople, was one of the first truly incisive and revealing autobiographies by a classic rocker. When Hunter wasn’t commenting on the history surrounding him in memorable glitter-pop anthems such as “The Golden Age of Rock ’n’ Roll,” he was making it, bridging the gap between David Bowie and fervent Mott acolytes The Clash. Apart from several Mott the Hoople reunions in 2009 and 2013, Hunter has mainly focused on his extensive solo career, from collaborations with the brilliant late guitar hero Mick Ronson to a new live album with his current backing group, the Rant Band.

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