Ah, nerds. We love them in all their faux self-effacing humor and pocket-protector glory. Unless you're still hanging out on the Sunset Strip every night, then you know that nerds are the new rock stars, and podcasts are the new bootleg. G4 Web Soup host and comedian Chris Hardwick is the great and powerful Oz behind Nerdist.com, whose weekly passion-project podcast has remained at the top of the iTunes charts ever since its launch on February 9. Co-hosted by Web Soup scribe Jonah Ray and Mac nerd Matt Mira, Hardwick's free-form hour-long chat about nerd life and comedy has featured such all-star guests as Tom Lennon, Drew Carey, Adam Carolla, Jon Hamm, Joel McHale, Jim Gaffigan and Andy Richter, and now, after months streaming behind closed doors, is finally making the transition to a live show, beginning on April 5 at Largo. The format is this: a little stand-up, guest performances, a sit-down chat followed by questions from the audience, and (if you're lucky), a Largo musical performance to close out the night. The Nerdist Podcast 's Largo premiere will feature guest Adam Savage of Mythbusters, whom Hardwick describes as not only “a frigging genius, [but he] may be the nicest dude in the world.” Don't let the nice guy act fool you. Goofy performances will be done. Nerdacious chats will be had. Questions will be answered. And when asked to sum up the show in one sentence, Hardwick promises, “It will impregnate your brain with fun.” We should only be so lucky. Count us in.

Mon., April 5, 8:30 p.m., 2010

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