At the outset of this Obama-bashing, Republican Party–worshipping documentary—the Tea Party isn't mentioned until the last 15 minutes—filmmaker Ray Griggs promises to present both sides of the small- versus big-government debate. Yet aside from the Libertarian pundit John Stossel, Griggs's entire panel of experts are Republicans, including Mike Huckabee, Congressman Tom McClintock, and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, whose self-admiration, it can be confirmed, is grand enough to fill the silver screen. Newt and company are here to warn of an Obama-Pelosi socialist takeover that can be stopped by voting out the fiscally Satanic Democrats in next month's election. Only then can the Republican Party re-create the glorious America that existed (it is claimed) under Ronald Reagan. In a clever bid to hold the audience's attention, Griggs inserts several computer-animated sequences in which Reagan tries to convince Obama of the error of his ways, while Jimmy Carter, Bill and Hillary Clinton, both President Bushes, and a nakedly ambitious Sarah Palin, all of whom were designed by Mad magazine artist Tom Richmond, bicker among themselves. In Griggs's eyes, they're all fools. Only old Ronnie, dearly departed though he may be, is worthy of reverence. (Chuck Wilson) (AMC Burbank, Mann Glendale)

LA Weekly