I Taught My Mom How To Order Weed For Delivery For Mother’s Day

As a Mother’s Day gift, I taught my mom how to order weed for delivery with Leafly. Here’s what happened:

After thirty plus years on this Earth, I’ve started to run out of ideas for Mother’s Day gifts. From the kitschy to the unique, homemade to budget-blowing, I’ve pretty much run the gauntlet on gifts for mom. Feeling defeated and browsing through delivery flowers, I took a hit of my favorite indica vape strain to calm my nerves and spark some creativity. 

Enjoying the Linalool terps, I suddenly realized the solution to more than just my anxiety problems was already in my hands. Moms have a lot of stress. What better gift to give her than the gift of relaxation? As a mother myself, I can tell you the answer is none. Relaxation is the best gift. My mom deserves the best, so I was going to make sure she got it. This is why I taught my mom how to order weed for delivery in honor of Mother’s Day.  

The cannabis culture of her 70s and 80s youth looked a lot different than the cannabis culture of today. Gone are the days of scoring a mysterious nug from your friend’s older brother and hoping for the best. What has replaced them is a wealth of knowledge, a mastery of genetics, and a wide array of products and benefits to help anyone and everyone. We are living in a golden era of weed, and I was so excited to reintroduce my mom to it. 

Explaining to her my intentions, mama was down, albeit wary. Ordering weed for delivery can sound pretty sketchy to the older crowd, so I anticipated this reaction. How did I gain her trust? By showing her Leafly. The best place for ordering weed online, as well as the best resource for cannabis deals, cannabis news, cannabis recommendations, cannabis reviews and more. 

In fact, Leafly is known as the world’s most trusted destination to discover cannabis products and order them from legal, licensed retailers. It is my go-to source for all things cannabis, and an obvious resource to introduce mom to. If she has any questions at all, needs recommendations, or needs to find cannabis delivery or pickup services near her, I know Leafly is the most trusted resource to  give mom all the guidance she needs. 

I helped mom download the Leafly app from the app store. It was free and took about 60 seconds. Once the app was ready on her phone, we opened it up and created her account. After entering her email address and creating a password, enabling location services (to find the best weed delivery near her) and allowing notifications (so she can keep track of her deliveries), mama was in! 

On Leafly’s homepage – for both the app and online – users are greeted  with easy to read headers: dispensaries nearby, delivery nearby, pickup nearby, deals nearby, trending strains, cannabis 101 videos as well as articles about cannabis news and culture. 

My mom’s favorite benefit of Leafly is their handy strain search guide. Depending on her needs, she can search the best strains for anxiety, energizing strains, for a beginner’s guide and of course, the best cannabis strains for a relaxing Mother’s Day. 

In my mission to make this Mother’s Day gift the most relaxing present out there, I showed mom how to search using the term “strains for relaxing.” We were immediately greeted with multiple results, broken down into categories: dispensary results, strain results, brand results and article results. 

We decided to explore the suggested strains, and mom was blown away by how scholarly and descriptive the results were. An avid gardener, Mom’s interest was piqued by Blackberry Kush. After clicking the strain, we were shown a photo of the flower, as well as information on its ranking between claiming and energizing (this one is all the way to calming), low THC to high THC (this one is in the middle), the THC and CBD percentages, the dominant terpene (Caryophyllene) and well as the flavor and aroma profiles paired with the top effects. By making all this information clear and accessible to mom, Leafly was able to make cannabis accessible to my wary mother and I am so grateful to them for it. She deserves to enjoy the benefits of cannabis and Leafly is allowing her to gain the confidence to do so. 

Our hearts set on Blackberry Kush, we clicked the green button that said “available nearby.” It took us to multiple dispensary options, with both pickup and delivery options. We chose delivery and the rest is history! It’s definitely going to be hard to top this Mother’s Day gift! 

Leafly.com has more than 5,000 strains in the Leafly database to discover, complete with an astonishing number of trusted cannabis user reviews (over one million of them, to be exact!) to help you make an informed choice when selecting your basket. Not only does Leafly host all the reviews you want, but they are also a journalistic database that hosts over 11,000 in-house cannabis articles and resources to explore. Leafly’s independent journalism provides more than 100 million cannabis consumers worldwide the information and resources needed to unlock the power of the cannabis plant. From discovering new products, to researching benefits, and even finding local deals, Leafly is an invaluable portal to the cannabis world that can be accessed with a mere click. Whether you have minutes to find a local dispensary you can trust, or hours to make a list of products to try based on your needs and desires, Leafly is the place for you. 

I taught my mom how to order weed for delivery this Mother’s Day and you should too. A relaxed mom is a gift that keeps on giving

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