Cops are shot at, sworn at and Monday-morning-quarterbacked for their actions. They're well-paid in L.A., but it's not all fun and games, especially during those 12-hour shifts.

But we have to say these particular LAPD officers had it pretty easy. Because on Monday morning a suspect drove up to an LAPD cruiser downtown and declared:

“Officer, I just stole this car.”

That according to LAPD Lt. Paul Vernon:

No one was more incredulous that than the officers. But they asked him to pull over and investigated his claim.

It happened at Olympic Boulevard and Broadway. Cops say the suspect is 27-year-old Christian Borro, a San Diego Miramar College student.

The man, they say, admitted to stealing the 2000 Honda Civic from an apartment complex in San Diego about midnight that day. He had been on the road with it for nearly 12 hours when the strange encounter occurred, Vernon said.

Borro even allegedly showed the two officers how he did it, pointing to a screwdriver used to bypass the ignition. Vernon says there were telltale wires hanging from the steering column.

Cops wouldn't have known the car was hot otherwise because it had not yet been reported stolen.

Why did Borro confess?

Vernon says he told this to officers: 'Because I'm almost out of gas.'


LA Weekly