Ranter: 50-ish black man with beard, black bomber jacket and Tarheels cap; 40-ish black woman in overalls

Location: 206 bus, headed north up Normandie

Time: Saturday, 5:30 p.m.

Topics covered: Impossible fellatio; hirsute genitalia; the need for peace; starting shit with the LAPD; the hypocrisy of church attendance after a crime spree; hypertension; what children should and shouldn't hear

Does rant include advice on whom you should or should not fuck with: Yes.

The Rant:

[As Overalls Woman exits bus, she spots Bomber Jacket Man. Once outside, she grabs her crotch and hollers at him.]

Overalls Woman: Suck my dick! Suck my dick!

Bomber Jacket Man: Shave that pussy!

Overalls Woman: Suck my dick!

Bomber Jacket Man: Shave that pussy!

[Bus surges forward.]

Bomber Jacket Man: Just trying to ride the bus, with kids on it. Just trying to have some peace, and then this shit. She got that dope-peddling-ass motherfucker, and she giving me shit? The police ought to go take both of those motherfuckers.

Younger Black Woman: She's gone, pops. Settle down.

Bomber Jacket Man: Talking like that on a bus, all that gangbanger shit. I'm not no goddamn gangbanger. They think you can just go on to church after robbing a liquor store, and then they all surprised to get eight years on that bullshit. I ain't going to let them get me up in it. I ain't going to fuck with no LAPD.

Bus Driver: You're going to have to quiet down or get off the bus.

Bomber Jacket Man: It's nothing. That bitch, she was just — [pauses.] It's just a little hypertension, that's all.

Bus Driver: I don't care about no hypertension!

Bomber Jacket Man: It's just some release, after she talking all this “Suck my dick.” Kids shouldn't hear that.

Bus Driver: One more, and you're going to have to get off the bus.

Bomber Jacket Man: [Addressing those seated nearby] I got to let it out, goddamnit. I got to get it out someways.

[As bus approaches Normandie and Wilshire, Bomber Jacket Man pulls the stop-request cord. Before exiting, he passes a mother with two children.]

Bomber Jacket Man: I'm sorry. I just don't think kids should have to—

[The mother shakes her head.]

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