Crushable reports that Devo is celebrating the release of their first album in twenty years (“Something for Everybody”) by holding an exclusive listening party streamed online, and only about twenty felines made the list. Who, quite frankly, don't seem that intrigued.

(Psst — notice the shape of the cat pyramid. Familiar?)

This marketing ploy piece of performance art seems to be mocking American culture, adopting bizarre fads and hoping it sells. Aside from the cat party, Devo (now called “Devo Inc”) even chose the tracks of the album through a “song study,” and in their letter to the participants, they wrapped up the results by remarking, “We're All Devo.”

They're certainly not the first to play music for an animals. As Crushable pointed out, just last week, Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson held a concert for dogs in the Sydney Opera House. But unlike Reed and Anderson, Devo isn't in it to entertain the pets. They've got albums to sell!

It goes to show that even old-time new wave artists are catching on to the viral cat trend, starting with the explosively sampled YouTube hit, “Keyboard Cat“. Let's just hope that the album holds true to the band's essence without being completely overtaken by the constantly evolving consumer “hype.”

Let the people have what they want, but still give us Devo!

LA Weekly