If scrolling though pictures of adorable cats with deliberately misspelled captions is a lifestyle choice rather than a momentary diversion, a way of procrastinating while one is on deadline (not that we speak from experience, mind you), this may be your dream job.

Cheezburger, the parent company of I Can Has Cheezburger?, FAIL Blog, Memebase and The Daily What, has an opening for a full-time product manager.

They're looking for “someone who thinks, breathes, sleeps, cries mobile and has a deep understanding of the business of mobile.” Start thinking of innovative ways to waste cell phone bandwidth on kitty pix.

More importantly, Cheezburger is looking for someone who lives in Seattle, has an engineering background and is “not an a-hole.” (That's straight from the ad.)

We're in. We only have one question: Would it be weird to show up for the interview wearing a helmet made from a giant lime?

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