Sitting in a heavily Asian-food-influenced strip mall, next to Little Hong Kong on Sawtelle Boulevard, Hurry Curry of Tokyo bustles during lunch hour with patrons ordering mild, medium, and hot curry dishes. Though the menu also consists of Japanese “spaghetties” and soups, curry takes center stage here. So, after 21 years of business, why not expand? After Hurry Curry's Pasadena location closed in April, Enterprise Fish Company, owner of the restaurant, has been scoping out potential relocation sites. Areas of interest include downtown L.A., Torrance, and the South Bay. General Manager Michael Huebner says the expansion will happen in about six months. The downtown location seems to be a certainty, but we aren't sure about the other one, or what form it will take: a full-service restaurant or a to-go stand?

“Fair Oaks [Avenue] was not a good street,” Huebner says of the late Pasadena location. “The parking was bad. People got jay-walking tickets.” Using many of the same vendors as Enterprise Fish Co. in Santa Monica and Santa Barbara, he reinforces that the food is consistently good. “We serve things like calamari and lobster bisque. We are able to bring in high quality product at reasonable prices. We've been here since 1989. We're definitely not going anywhere.”

LA Weekly