Have you ever interviewed potential roommates by evaluating their skill at French-pressing Ethiopian Duromina? If so, then you will feel a deep kinship with Kevin (Emerson Lyon) and Dale (Matt Voisine), the side-splittingly sardonic hipster heroes of the new web series Hundredaires. If you haven't, you'll still find their antics hilarious and, in a great feat of filmmaking, endearing.

This March, friends Syd Butler (bassist for Les Savy Fav and owner of French Kiss Records) and comedian David Cross (Arrested Development) launched an original web series channel, FKR.TV. Hundredaires, created by Courtney Eck and Daniel Fickle of Portland-based production company Two Penguins, stands out from the channel's freshman slate of weekly shows.

“I was in a vintage-furniture store in Portland and overheard a conversation between three superhip 20-somethings about whether or not owls were still 'a thing,' ” Ecks recalls during an interview. “Turns out … goats are the new animal.”

Thus the idea for Hundredaires was born.

In the wrong hands, the story of two snobby hipsters and their new, chipper yet equally indie music–savvy roommate, Emma (Bonnie Auguston), could have been a heartless parade of eye rolling and snarky comebacks, but Hundredaires rises above the crowded landscape of trust fund–bohemian-focused web content by concentrating on friendship and how much these guys care about the small details in their carefully curated lives.

“There's a sincerity and lack of self-consciousness [in hipsters] that I've always admired,” Eck muses. “I really wanted Kevin and Dale to be ridiculous but entirely likable.”

Hundredaires hasn't caught on yet views-wise — something Kevin and Dale would admire — but as more eyes move to the web, especially curated original channels like FKR.TV, that undoubtedly will change, by which time K and D will be, like, way over it. —Stephanie Carrie

The Tangled Web We Watch is our column on what's worth watching online. Watch Hundredaires on FKR.TV. Read Stephanie Carrie's full interviews with Courtney Eck and Syd Butler on her blog, tangledwebwewatch.com.

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