Planking. Just when you think it's over — like, over over, after nine freaking lives, thanks to late-to-the-game celebrities who revive the college trend every couple weeks — Hugh Hefner, “Master of the House of Playboy,” and a giggly, Tweety batch of rebound Playmates go on a Tuesday-night planking spree up in the Holmby Hills. Partyime!

Courtesy of (what we assume to be) a glittering fleet of rhinestoned iPhones, here are the #plankingplaymates photos.

Around 8 p.m., they kindly interrupted Hefner's nightly Twitter onslaught of inane details (re: whatever romantic comedy or retirement-home board game the girls are currently gathered 'round; in last night's case, a rousing game of Uno):

"I got Hef to plank!"; Credit: @AnnaSophiaB via Twitter

“I got Hef to plank!”; Credit: @AnnaSophiaB via Twitter

Not bad, right? It may not be as life-endangering as the Carmageddon or Hollywood rave-riot plankings, but this is an 85-year-old, newly broken heart we're talking about here. Hef planked the shit out of that Uno table.

The girls are a tad more crumpled, but they gave it their best:

"#plankingplaymates"; Credit: @SheraBechard via Twitter

“#plankingplaymates”; Credit: @SheraBechard via Twitter

And to think — a tradition borne as a vehicle for Vietnam War protests has died as a vehicle for horny old men to keep their late-to-the-game bimbos engaged and giggling.

On that note: Died. Dead. Correct? Please?? (Planking, not plankee. Sicko.)


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