How’s My Teen Driver Is at the Forefront of Teen Driving Safety

Teen driver safety is a rising concern not just for parents but all road users. Recent statistics have shown that motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for US teens. Research carried out in 2022 showed that 7.8% of all crashes occur among drivers aged 15 to 20. A range of factors put these teens at risk of being involved in car accidents. Some of them include inexperience, immaturity, being distracted by their phones and friends in the car, and driving when tired.

With the risk factors rising daily, parents can’t help but worry when their teens get behind the wheel. To mitigate the rate of teen accidents, parents should discuss with their teens the impact certain actions have when driving and increase their awareness of the importance of safe driving. With advancements in technology, there are other more reliable ways to ensure teens are safe, and one excellent example is How’s My Teen Driver.

How’s My Teen Driver is a revolutionary teen driver safety product that provides adults instant feedback on their teen’s driving safety. It is designed to have the same impact as if were sitting beside your teen while they are driving. Although you cannot guarantee your teen’s safety all the time, How’s My Teen Driver helps add a layer of protection that would be otherwise impossible.

How’s My Teen Driver was founded on the idea that teens need some freedom but not unlimited freedom while driving. By gradually easing restrictions, the teen driver can feel a greater sense of accountability and responsibility. Getting started with How’s My Teen Driver is very easy, and it’s essential for every parent to purchase My Teen Driver and use it to guarantee their teen’s safety. After purchase, you add a few important details to create your child’s unique account and how you would like to receive notifications. The teen’s sticker is then shipped, and their account is activated once the sticker arrives by mail. Finally, place it on your teen’s car in a visible location.

An industry leader, How’s My Teen Driver works with major insurance companies, court systems, and school systems and focuses heavily on driving schools. However, convincing people of the importance of engaging with How’s My Teen Driver has been challenging. They say the biggest hurdle was gaining parents’ trust as a safety net for their teenagers and making them understand that My Teen Driver’s mission is to save lives.

How’s My Teen Driver wants to positively impact the way teens drive safely. The company began as a bumper sticker manufacturer but has grown into a teen safety company. They are confident they will be able to continue ensuring teens’ safety while on the road and quelling parents’ anxieties.

In the coming years, How’s My Teen Driver envisions becoming a household name. They see themselves growing to become a necessity on every road in America. Additionally, they hope to see the public view them in a positive light and embrace their excellent work. As one of the first teen driving safety companies, How’s My Teen Driver is here to ensure that your teen remains accountable while on the road. This works in their favor, too, because they are protected from many of the dangers they may experience when driving irresponsibly.

Protect your kids and create a safe environment as they roam the world by purchasing MTD (My Teen Driver) today! For more information, you can visit their website at How’s My Teen Driver.

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