One of the more bizarre aspects of officials sanctioning raves at the publicly owned L.A. Coliseum and Sports Arena is that Los Angeles County health authorities have actually embarked on a campaign to teach young people how to take ecstasy safely.

Under the strategy of “harm reduction” — if you're going to get wasted, mind as well help you do so without killing yourself — the county this year will distribute fliers at raves that give tips that essentially amount to advice on how not to O.D. on this illicit, schedule 1 drug.

Strange, because …

Your tax dollars at work: L.A. County wants you to roll safely.

Your tax dollars at work: L.A. County wants you to roll safely.

… the Coliseum Commission, which runs those venues, seems to be bending over backwards to allow ecstasy-fueled raves to happen four times a year at the sites.

California drug-abatement law might have a different view of the parties:

“Every building or place used for the purpose of unlawfully selling, serving, storing, keeping, manufacturing, or giving away any controlled substance, precursor, or analog specified in this division, and every building or place wherein or upon which those acts take place, is a nuisance which shall be enjoined, abated, and prevented, and for which damages may be recovered, whether it is a public or private nuisance.”

But L.A. County says, hey, if you're going to party, here's how:

-Take frequent breaks.

-Let your body cool and rest.

-Stay hydrated.

This part is really interesting, because doctors say ecstasy can rob your body of electrolytes and cause you to shut down and end up in a hospital.

-Sip or take small gulps of water … and non-caffeinated sports-drinks like Gatorade (to replenish electrolytes). (Emphasis ours).

Only you can prevent e-tards.

Only you can prevent e-tards.

Another flier that will be passed out at raves actually states this:

“Aim low (dose AND frequency)

– Ecstasy risks increase with larger doses … “

Wow. We're just waiting for the tips on how to smoke crack and of course, how to properly shoot heroin.

Thanks for the public service announcement.

L.A. County teaches you how to 'roll.'

L.A. County teaches you how to 'roll.'

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