Advanced psychological study has shown that non-verbal communication reveals more about a person than most other forms of physical interaction. Whether someone's just lost his or her job, or if someone won the lottery, you can tell simply by observing body language, as it reveals more about the person's internal emotional state of mind.

The importance of body language applies to picking up women. Pay attention to what you may be non-verbally communicating.

Here are five key body language rules to follow in order to come across as the alpha male you are (or are working toward becoming):

1. Make sure every movement is meaningful. Look at successful people and notice that there's rarely pressure to rush or try to impress anybody. Move through the room at a casual pace, lead the way to the dinner table or bar stool, and your date will follow. You calm, collected and in control, and that's attractive.

2. Body position. Your arms and legs should be spread out comfortably; no need to fold your arms, cross your legs, or contort yourself into a compact space. Make full use of the area around you.

3. Verbal communication. Your voice should have a calm, soothing yet dominating effect. Moderate volume, don't speak too fast or blurt out words, and keeping a steady pace shows you're not analyzing your words before they leave your mouth – because you're confident in what you have to say. Avoid yelling or straining your voice, which means if there's opportunity, offer to move the conversation from the loud bar to the quieter corner booth.

4. Your face. Do NOT frown or wrinkle your eyebrows, and make eye contact. Keep the facial muscles relaxed and avoid from tensing your jaw. It's amazing how little movements like that can turn a facial feature from handsome to creepy.

5. Keep the shoulders relaxed as if you've just finished a massage. Raising your shoulders gives the impression that you're tense and nervous. If you feel your shoulders creeping up toward your ears, try this move commonly used in yoga: shrug your shoulders, then press your shoulders back (as if your shoulder blades might touch), and then press them down and away from your head. Not only does it release the muscle tension, it also improves your posture 100 percent.

I cannot emphasize enough that body language is more important than anything you can say. Without the correct body language it doesn't matter what comes out of your mouth – success with women means so much more than sounding suave.

EDITOR'S NOTE: You could be sharing the most amazing story about your hang gliding trip to the Everglades, but if your arms are crossed, your eyes are darting all over the room, and your shoulders look as though you're wearing football gear, you might as well be telling the chick about your mother's new oatmeal recipe. It'll be just as unimpressive.

LA Weekly