You can't go anywhere these days without someone busting out with their digital camera and taking your picture (i.e. stealing your soul) with it. Maybe you always look like crap in them. Maybe you always ask people to delete-delete or threaten to murder them if they post it on Facebook. If so, this is for you: Carson Kressley (remember him? The funny, hyper one from Queer Eye For The Straight Guy?) and Nikon made a series of videos called Look Good In Pictures to show you how to look better in pictures.

He has suggestions like: practice at home in front of the mirror figuring out which is your best angle. Then adopt that pose whenever someone takes your photo. And beware of background distractions like lamps sticking up out of your head. There's a lot more. Like, how to take a good online dating photo, how to take good night photos, how to take good vacation and pregnancy photos. How to take good portraits for your corporate website. And, my favorite, how to use your camera when you're shopping.

Check it out. Plus, Kressley is pretty endearing in a cute, squirrelly kind of way and is just entertaining to watch on his own.

LA Weekly