There can be times when tracking someone’s phone location can be your pressing need for the sake of information about their situation and whereabouts. You may want to spy on your kids to assure their security or track your employees’ location when they take a leave. Moreover, as a partner, you might go through a time when you want to check your spouse’s loyalty.

The clarification to all such queries is to have information about how to find someone’s location by phone number. In this article, we will gain knowledge about the tracking solution of both Android and iOS devices.

Part 1: How to Find Someone’s Location by Cell Phone Number

Here, we will acknowledge how it is possible to track someone’s cell phone location by cell phone number with the help of a spy app, Spyic. We will also identify its solution of setup in Android and iPhones.

1.1 Track Location by Phone Number

In this era where technology has made connections a lot easier, it has also created spying an easy task to do. Spyic is a location tracking spy software that can perform this task a lot easily and speedily. Now, by using Spyic, it is possible for people to spy on relatives without getting caught, but only if their reason is legal. If done illegally, it can cause severe problems for the user himself. 

This software necessitates the user to open the dashboard and select the device, which is his target for spying. There will be several tabs out of which the user will select the Location tab. After choosing on location, the software will show recent and past tracked locations of the target device without him knowing. With the assistance of GPS and sim cards, Spyic performs its location tracking feature. 

With the presence of a GPS option, the user can track the live location and display it to the dashboard user.

1.2 How to Track Location by Phone Number

Spyic works undetectably on both Android and iOS. In Android, it is required to set up the application by physically accessing the target phone. But on the iPhone, it is not required to download the app. Here, we will see some basic steps of setting up the software on both Android and iPhone.

1.2.1. How to set-up Spyic on target iOS

Spyic’s solution for iOS is remote. In order to access an iPhone for tracking the location, few following steps are required

Step 1: Create a free account with your email ID and connect it to the internet. You will receive a verification code in your email, which you can use to activate your account.

Step 2: Now, all you need is the target’s iCloud ID and Password. Now disable two-factor authentication, and this app will start tracking the target’s location.

Step 3: Log in to your account and view information any time using a handy dashboard that can be accessed through any web browser and device.

Step 4: The app is now monitoring the target’s phone; you can check up on all the data that is being gathered.

1.2.2. How Spyic works remotely on Android devices

In Android, it is needed to install Spyic on target android Phone, but the application has a Stealth mode that hides it from the display. This portion will tell users how it sets up in a target Android Phone.

Step 1: Create an account within less than a minute. All you need is an existing email address. You can choose Basic, Premium, or Family packages according to your requirements.

Step 2: Install the Android tracking app on the target device. As this application has an option of hiding itself, choose the option to hide it.

Step 3: After you are done with the above steps, you can now log in to your Spyic account on any web browser through any device.

Step 4: As the app is tracking location, you can view it and gather all the data by logging in to the application’s dashboard.

1.3.  Spyic – The Best App to Track Phone Number Location

Spyic is a phone tracking app that is being used in around 190+ countries and around 5 sub-continents of the world. It has been reviewed positively by famous news brands such as PCWorld, TechAdvisor, etc. This immense fame is due to its advantages and security measures.

  • Compatible and Explicit Secrecy

Spyic is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. The app ensures portability on both kinds of target devices and tracks each kind of information without the target knowing. Because of its undetectable solution for both Android and iOS target phones and remote tracking, the target can never find out about spying on him.

  • Data Security

This software provides advanced encryption technology to ensure user security and safety. It keeps on giving new updates in the software so that no one can access the information except the one controlling the dashboard. In addition to it, Spyic’s server does not save the user’s personal information. Even Spyic’s staff can also not view the information.

  • No Root access or Jailbreaking required

Spyic does not require root permission in target Android phones. It performs all the spying duty without asking for such permissions. Its iOS solution does not need the user to give jailbreak permission in order to process tracking. Giving such permissions leaves the target phone vulnerable to attacks later on, and Spyic prevents the target phone from this problem.

  • Web Interface

Spyic is tracking software, which is a completely web-based interface. It means that you can use it from any phone or PC. It provides all the necessary information through online servers. The app can fetch user updates periodically. Users can hide the app, so it always works in stealth mode.

Check Spyic website here >>

Part 2: Type in Phone Number and Find Location Free

Minspy helps users to track the target’s GPS, sim location, and WiFi-based location activity. This software gives access to the visited places with detailed addresses and also provides knowledge about the neighborhoods of the visited area with accuracy.

The software works remotely from any web browser. After installing the app on the Android target phone, the user can follow the target phone’s location-related activity from the dashboard of the app. On the iPhone, it is not required to install the app on the target iPhone, but only logging to the app’s dashboard is required. Additionally, this process can be carried out through any web browser.

After Logging in to the dashboard, look for the “Locations” option in the menu. Select it to open up the Locations screen, and the target’s movements will be displayed.

Part 3: How to Track a Phone Call Location

Most telecommunication providers have a caller ID identifier that traces a phone number and tracks the name of the person with CNAM lookup. It provides and tells the name of the person calling through the phone number. Although it comes with a price but gives information about the target calling through the phone number. But, one should be aware that the service does not cache the data.

Local phone numbers in the US register with the CNAM database, so it’s necessary to trace phone numbers in real-time, as it does not use cache data.

CNAM lookup can also assist the user on how to locate the phone number and to check the spam score of the target phone number, which is being tracked. It will display “spam” on the display screen if any spam is linked with the target phone number. This helps the user to know about spam calls, which will ultimately avoid wasting time.

So, one cannot only track the location using GPS and sim cards, but he can also find out and identify who is calling through the phone number.


We have outlined how Spyic works to track location by phone number and generally monitor a device’s activity. As it is easy to set up on the target phone, we have also delivered relevant steps.  It is easy to set up, and the relevant steps have also been delivered. Furthermore, CNAM lookup is also generally discussed here.


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