If your tattered, sauce stained copy of Mark Bittman's encyclopedic (by definition) cookbook, How To Cook Everything, is just too big and wont to drop its pages for you to cart around to the grocery store, you're in luck. Now you can just flip through the digital equivalent of Bittman's 5-pound book on your cell phone. How to Cook Everything On the Go was just released as an app for the iPhone.

What's on it: the entire contents of the book, including some 2,000 recipes and 400 illustrations; built-in timers; customizable shopping lists; and particular rah-rah's, like Quick Dinners, Featured Recipes and Bittman's Picks. No, it's not free. Read Bittman's columns in The New York Times on your phone if you don't want to spend $1.99. Or get a bungee cord for your book and try hauling it around. But this is easier, and arguably more useful than your Lightsaber app. So this begs the question: can somebody please get Harold McGee, also a NYT food columnist, to develop an app? How To Answer Everything.

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