As the former director of the Michelin Guide infamously noted, people in L.A. care more about movie stars than Michelin stars. Sure we do. (That's presumably why Michelin no longer publishes a guide to Los Angeles. And perhaps one of the reasons why Jean-Luc Naret is no longer head of that organization.) So what better way to celebrate Thanksgiving in this town than by cooking a movie star's recipe for stuffing. And not just anybody's either, but Marilyn Monroe's holiday dish.

Earlier this week The New York Times published Monroe's recipe for stuffing, adapted from the newly-published book Fragments (Farrar, Straus & Giroux), a collection of various scribblings that were culled from about twenty years of the late actress's life. This is no lightweight recipe either, but a dish loaded with sourdough bread, Parmesan, nuts, eggs, ground beef and chicken livers. Just try finding that on the menu at The Ivy. Here's the recipe.

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