Shh! We don’t necessarily condone it, but we do understand. Sometimes, it’s just fun to have a private life that no one knows about — or no one should know about! The thrill of doing something in secret (whether for fun or more serious reasons) is a feeling that’s familiar to a lot of people. But just because you’re giving in to temptations, that doesn’t mean you should be careless about how you go about it. There are ways to cheat without getting caught and it’s just a matter of how consistent and persistent you will hide this little secret.

Here are a few ways you can hide an affair:

5 Ways to Cheat Without Getting Caught

1. Tell no soul about the affair!

A cheating partner can easily get caught when they open their mouth! If you truly want to keep your cheating a secret — and that it remains that way — do your best to resist telling anyone about it. Sure, it’s tempting to boast about the thrills of the affair. It may also feel like exciting news to share if your partner is an attractive one. However, even if you’re consistent at keeping the affair at bay, it might also be the people you shared your secret with that might slip and accidentally divulge it!

2. Come up with a consistent story about where you will say you were.

The “business trip” story is already a well-known alibi. While most of the time, work-related trips can be a great excuse, it’s what your credit card says that somehow won’t add up. The frozen margarita for two? That doesn’t seem like something you and your boss would order. As much as possible, make cash transactions so you won’t be traced. 

Check the hotels and places on AirBnB so you’ll have a place to say you stayed in. Google the restaurants and bars near the place that you’ll say your colleagues went to — make sure you have all the answers when you’re questioned about the escapade. Do your best to actually envision you were there at the place!

3. Get a secret phone.

One of the most common ways people get caught cheating is through their gadgets. Partners and spouses have an investigative eye when they’re suspicious. Even if you avoid talking to the person you’re cheating with, you can’t guarantee that your partner won’t look through your phone when you’re not looking. That’s why the best way to keep a squeaky clean phone is to not talk to your paramour on your main device! Get another phone and keep it a secret. If you can leave your second phone in the office, do just that.

4. Don’t start acting differently!

It’s normal to feel guilty when you’re cheating on someone. However, it’s not normal for your partner if they notice that you’re suddenly more romantic toward them. They’ll start getting suspicious and will wonder what you’re making up for. More frequent bouquets of flowers won’t make things better — it will only make your cheating more obvious. Plenty of people will get hurt if they find out about the illicit affair anyway — don’t start hurting your wallet too! The designer bags can stay at the boutique. Unless there’s a good reason to buy them for your partner — one that doesn’t involve “cheater’s guilt.”

5. Keep calm when your partner gets suspicious.

Even if a person isn’t actually cheating, it’s common for partners to think that their SO is — we’ve all been there! We’ve all been suspicious and we’ve all been accused as well. Oftentimes, the non-cheaters react differently when they’re being accused of cheating — but almost none of them overreact! That’s why when you’re in a situation where you’re on the verge of getting caught, stay calm and act as if the accusations are baseless and they’re somewhat crazy conclusions. Don’t get angry and whatever comes out of your mouth should be thought of carefully.

Keeping Secrets 101: Stay Cool and Hide All Traces of Evidence

Almost everyone is hounded by temptations — but there are also many of those who give in to them. Cheating is so common that almost half (46%) of those who were asked in a poll said they cheated on their partners before. As long as you stay elusive, consistent, and calm, you can cheat without getting caught. BUT as much as you keep your affair a secret, be prepared also to get caught — because there will always be a slight chance that it will happen.

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