Always match her confidence with your own! Confident or alpha women are a paradox – although they relish their confidence and their ability to level men tongue-tied and feeling inadequate, they secretly long for a man who can out match them!

Confident women seek VERY confident men. When you approach a truly confident alpha woman, you should always go in direct. For example, approach her, and in a cheeky manner say:

“You are stunning! Its nice to see a woman who is my type.”

Then break rapport and ignore her. Go to the bar, or talk to your friends but do not stand around waiting for her response. This will give her time to let your comment and confidence sink in.

She will be intrigued, as you have separated yourself from other men who usually do not have the confidence to unapologetically state their intention.

She will be secretly looking out for you for Part 2.

Confident women respect confident men, and are tired of guys making small talk in order to build attraction, or who are too embarrassed or shy to show their true intentions.

Match her confidence. In fact, exceed it!

LA Weekly