How The Ivy Institute Transforms College Dreams Into Success Stories

LA Weekly 021924

Any student can achieve acceptance to any college, regardless of background or where they started, but it takes hard work and determination to achieve it. At The Ivy Institute, former Ivy League admissions officers and alumni of prestigious colleges come together to offer tailored application support to students willing to go the extra mile.

Here’s a look at how the remarkable college admissions consulting firm helps applicants stand out in the competitive college admissions world and get admitted to their top choices.

Personalized College Guidance

The kind of guidance students receive at The Ivy Institute is sometimes called “academic coaching.” This is distinctly different from tutoring; it has more to do with strategy.

Ideally, The Ivy Institute wants students to start early. As the president of The Ivy Institute explains, “Starting freshman year, we basically provide a college strategic plan that’s almost identical to a business plan. But it’s for the education process, mapping out their strengths, weaknesses, and short-term and long-term goals. And then we make a lot of recommendations in the categories of academic, personal, and professional development.”

As high schoolers get closer to their senior year, The Ivy Institute matches them with expert admissions counselors. When possible, students work with graduates of their top schools — their college admissions expertise comes from experience!

Predictive Admissions Modeling

Predictive Admissions Modeling might sound like something from the future, but it’s a tool The Ivy Instituteuses to guide college application assistance. It’s as close as you can get to the real algorithms used by top schools.

The Ivy Institute’s president explains it well: “They’re evaluating everything from grades, test scores, extracurricular activities, volunteer work, leadership roles, visionary thinking, awareness of self, all these personality and characteristic traits. And the predictive admissions model essentially aims to bring those evaluation metrics to our students.”

A student’s counseling team will take them through this process relatively early. Once a student has an idea of which schools they can get into, they can narrow down a strategy.

App Identity™ College Strategy

This unique strategy helps students find an “angle” that makes them stand out to colleges during the application process. Just as the correct angle makes a photo more flattering, finding the right “angle” with App Identity™ College Strategy amplifies a student’s strengths to show them in the best light possible.

Essentially, App Identity™ helps students identify a core feature or trait that best defines them as a person. They then can build a unified application around this particular identity.

That’s not to say that the chosen trait or identity is all the application focuses on. Instead, it’s a common thread that ties it all together. The student’s admissions strategy team will be able to show them how to do it.

Shaping the Future, One Student at a Time

The tailored application support students receive at The Ivy Institute isn’t intended to mold them into different people. Instead, it helps them identify and cultivate their best qualities, creating a narrative that helps them stand out in the competitive Ivy League admissions pool. And because The Ivy Institute has the top university acceptance rates in the country, each student is set up for success in college applications.


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