How Marlon White Supports Emerging Artists by Making Art Collecting More Inclusive

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Studying fine arts and trying to make a career in the art industry can be challenging for risk-averse people due to uncertain career prospects. Despite creativity and freedom of expression, artists often struggle due to a lack of regular work and low income. Fortunately, this is where the entrepreneur Marlon White steps in, making life easier for artists with his art collection supporting emerging artists.

Based in Washington DC, Marlon White is a notable Art Collector, Serial Entrepreneur, and Investor. In 2012, Marlon founded A1 Events, which organizes celebrity events, concerts, festivals, and after-parties.

Born in Hyattsville, Maryland, and later attended American University, 32-year-old Marlon White’s earliest childhood art memory was a painting of an older Jamaican woman balancing fruit baskets on their heads. That image is still vivid in his mind. Those memories of art hanging in his home by his mother inspired him to associate with fine arts.

Some of his unique art collections include art pieces by notable artists such as Virgil Abloh, Takashi Murakami and Kaws artists on the rise such as Willem Ryan Cosbert, Emmanuel Massillon, Lex Marie, Demetrius Wilson, Willem Hoeffnagel, Suanjaya Kencut, and Henry Swanson. While collecting art, Marlon White supports emerging artists and makes art collections more inclusive for people of color by sharing artists and collectors works on his social media accounts.

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“In 2016, I began exploring the Washington D.C.’s museums and galleries in my free time and started supporting emerging artists by collecting their work and showing up at their exhibits,” said Marlon.

“I believe that supporting emerging artists is one of the best things you can do. You’re buying a work can fuel not only their career but also their confidence which allows them to support their family,” he added.

According to CNBC, investment in contemporary art has outperformed the S&P 500 during the last 25 years. Therefore, collecting art not only provides excellent opportunities to build wealth but buying art also supports artists.

Besides, Marlon organizes exclusive events, including Art Basel, NBA All-Star, NFL Super Bowl, and Congressional Black Caucus parties, where high-profile athletes, superstar celebrities, and trendsetters turn them into star-studded affairs. Marlon has also curated events for companies, including Moet Hennessy, Verizon, and Fanatics.

Marlon White is actively championing inclusivity in the art world by supporting emerging artists through his impressive art collections and hosting events. With his unwavering dedication, Marlon is revolutionizing the art industry by making art collecting more accessible and setting the stage for promising artists to flourish.

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