There's loads of wisdom and anti-wisdom that says more or less the same thing: You are what you allow yourself to become. If you talk yourself out of success then you will always fail. If you believe in yourself and go after what you want, then you can achieve it.

Your goal can be anything and can be as noble or as self-gratifying as you want it to be. Sure, you can be Asian and fall in love with your childhood sweetheart, or you can hop into bed with a woman from every nation and of every color. The most important thing to remember is to become the definitive alpha male that women want.

Here's what you can learn from famous alpha male Asians:

Bruce Lee: He had that killer instinct required to get the job done. He wasn't afraid to beat up bad guys, avenge his family's honor or show off his buffed-up abs. When it comes to confidence it's hard to follow in this late actor's footsteps. However, take a little of Bruce Lee's courage into the dating world and you will “feel” the very hot benefits. Just be sure to speak fluent English and not skip words – it didn't work in his old American dubbed movies, either.

Jet Li: This is arguably the most networking Asian movie star in the world today, as he's worked with almost every big name in the business. Imitating Li's style would be to take the initiative and spread your alpha male self thick, letting people know you are here. The more you get out and circulate, the more pretty girls will start to learn your name and trust you as a friend…or more.

Chow Yun-Fat: He's probably the most “Asian” of all Asian actors, as he is one man who never compromises his image and consistently plays powerful and iconic Asian characters. (Some even call them stereotypes.) However, Yun-Fat manages to combine old-world strength with new-age confidence. Little wonder the Los Angeles Times once called him “the coolest actor in the world.” Lesson learned? Use your ethnicity to your advantage. The strong and silent Asian man commands respect and so can you.

Jackie Chan: Chan may not be “sexy” in the truest sense of the word, but it's hard to deny that he's a funny guy and a fun guy to be around. You don't have to perform daredevil stunts to please your date, but bringing a long a quirky sense of humor is always a sure way to impress.

Daniel Dae Kim: Embrace your own masculinity just as is the U.S. media – the sexy Asian icon has become more than just a concept. Kim of “Lost” was recently voted one of People Magazine's Sexiest Men Alive. The producers of the series intentionally increased the sexiness of Kim's character in hopes of transforming him into a new-age icon for Asian sex appeal. They did so successfully much to the delight of women everywhere. If Kim can be declared sexy by one of America's whitest magazines, that should give you confidence in yourself! It's not about race — it's about attitude!

LA Weekly