Here is a mind-boggling conflict that seems strangely at odds to the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power's effort to creat a green, energy-conscious city. On the one hand, the DWP is pushing homeowners to go green — even suggesting that homeowners use low wattage bulbs instead of incandescent light bulbs to save energy. Meanwhile, the city has allowed over 800 billboards to be converted to digital.

Sound like a conflict?

Westchester resident David Coffin definitely thinks so. The

anti-clutter activist passed along this little nugget to the L.A. Weekly

that really sounds like city officials and DWP are not on the same

page. Are we really that surprised?

According to “unofficial” stats, a Clear Channel digital billboard uses about 20,832

watts per hour or 500,112 watts per day.  According to, the average home uses 1000 watts per hour or about

24,000 watts per day. If our intrepid anti-clutter expert is correct, a

digital billboard uses around 23 times the power of a single-family


The bottom line?

The average home uses the same energy in one day that a digital billboard burns through in a single hour. Who's really in the dark about the facts here?

LA Weekly