Doctor Roya is the Medical Director and Founder of the Hope, Life, and Dream Centers, the most prominent Anti-Aging medical centers in New York.

Anti-aging is a concept that has long perplexed healers, doctors, philosophers, and holistic practitioners, as the demand for a solution to halt the aging process continues to increase in prominence. The anti-aging industry is so big, in fact, that it was valued at 25.9 billion during 2020, a testament to the desire every person has to remediate any visible signs of aging.

Through the power and practice of medical treatment, many of the world’s most brilliant doctors have proposed new and effective ways to provide clients with the skin and appearance they desire. One of the doctors at the forefront of the anti-aging movement is none other than Dr. Roya J. Hassad, the Medical Director and Founder of Hope, Life, and Dream Centers in New York.

As the owner of the most prominent anti-aging medical center in one of the world’s most popular skincare and beauty capitals, Dr. Hassad’s work speaks for itself: she is an award-winning family physician, educator, speaker, evangelist, and philanthropist. She has studied medicine at Iran University of Medical Science, continuing her education in the U.S. graduating from St. Joseph Medical Center of Family Medicine. She is affiliated with top-notch New York medical institutes, like Mount Sinai/Beth Israel Medical Centers and St. Francis Hospital. Additionally, in due to her years of experience and research, Dr. Hassad has been recognized as one of the top anti-aging physicians in the United States.

Owing her anti-aging passion to her interests as a teen, when her inclination for health, beauty and wellness began to unearth, Dr. Hassad has always felt it was her life’s calling to become a highly-experienced and trusted professional that takes time transforming the lives of others.

“I am passionate about all things anti-aging and regenerative medicine, which is something that I have held near-and-dear to my heart since I was very young,” said Dr. Hassad. “I don’t believe we should have to accept premature aging and visible signs of wear-and-tear on our skin and our faces. I knew there had to be alternative options, which is why I have dedicated my life from a medical perspective to championing the anti-aging movement.”

Dr. Hassad comes with a reputation for having one of the highest standards of patient care. She understands at the end of the day, the entire process is about the client and what they hope to get out of the arrangement. Dr. Hassad firmly believes that we have an amazing beauty and capacity to achieve great things inside all of us and wants to be the one to bridge that gap for clients feeling unhappy or lacking in physical confidence.

Much More Than an Anti-Aging Process

With an uncommon ability to look deep into a person’s heart and truly identify what it is that is bothering them, Dr. Hassad can make suggestions for patients based on their unique needs and requirements. As she says, ‘it could be some wrinkles, high blood pressure, or arthritis. It could even be an interest in learning more about the process of Botox in general.’ Never judgmental towards what a client is requesting, Dr. Hassad commits herself to helping them achieve exactly what they want by the end of the arrangement.

“When a patient comes to our office, whether they want juvederm for lips or anti-aging treatment, we make an effort to get to know them as a person above everything else,” said Dr. Hassad. “People aren’t just numbers in the clinic; they are real, living, breathing passionate beings that deserve to be treated with kindness and respect. I take the time to understand the pain and frustration they are feeling in the first place, looking into quick and effortless solutions that can help them achieve the appearance of their dreams.”

Dr. Hassad proceeds to develop a personalized care plan that ensures the patient will not only succeed and get well, but also lay the foundation for a new direction in their life entirely. It’s this very process that has earned her the title as a ‘top doctor in New York, Queens, and Long Island,’ touting her training in all traditional elements and medical practices to ensure clients are experience their best health.

Services provided by Dr. Hassad and her team today include: traveling medicine and education to help clients prepare for being on the road while protecting the integrity of their bodies and skin; in-office diagnostics and home visit; IV vitamin therapy to help with poor nutrition, chronic stress, improper sleep patterns, and lack of physical activity; bio hormonal treatment that includes a personalized comprehensive baseline evaluation and treatment plan; weight management; and biofeedback, which is a treatment technique that improves the mental and physical health in the body.

“We approach every client’s health 360-degrees, while testing and going over a complete evaluation that ensures our services are effective and safe,” said Dr. Hassad. “We then leverage the most innovative, cutting-edge advanced technology in anti-aging and integrative medicine, including aesthetic and preventative care that is award-winning in nature. While all of this is happening, I oversee a compassionate relationship with the client that acknowledges their personal well-being. It’s this exact arrangement that makes what I do so rewarding to me – I wouldn’t change my job for anything else in the world.”

It is arguable that Dr. Hassad is much more than a doctor – she is a psychologist, healer, and friend, all wrapped into one. She knows that physical and aesthetic treatments are much more than what they appear; they are the portal to our soul, and the root of our confidence as human beings. She believes it’s her calling to help her patients unlock everything in their subconsciouses that may be holding them back from reaching their peak potential and happiness.

Discover the Amazing Beauty of You

Dr. Hassad wants everyone to know that they have options, even if they feel like they do not. She wants individuals to consider the comprehensive services available through her clinic, so they can embark on a journey they never imagined was possible.

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