LA Weekly received some really thoughtful comments after staff writer Gene Maddaus confirmed that a lobbyist for a firm that's protesting its loss of a $271-million contract with city-controlled LAX is going out with a man who has a lot of say over the deal — city Councilman Dennis Zine.

Some said Zine should recuse himself when any issues involving part-time love-interest Veronica Becerra's employer, Tutor-Perini, come before the City Council. Others said there should be an ethics investigation — if anyone was brave enough to take on a powerful politician.

One commenter even said “lobbyists and many politicians are whores” — so the relationship here made sense. (We don't necessarily endorse this view).

But our favorite response — from our commenter of the day, Anonymous — essentially just asked WTF?

Because, if Zine is getting more Tang than the astronauts, this world is really upside down. You thought Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa was a playa?

Becerra told the Weekly this:

“It's a well-known fact that Dennis Zine dates quite a few young ladies in downtown Los Angeles. It's not like it's an exclusive relationship.”

Big, D., you sly devil. If you can make this work, there's hope for all lonely men.

Anonymous writes …

“On a lighter note, doesn't Zine look like [Uncle] Fester from the Adams Family?”

… and provides a link with this photo:

The answer is yes. Zine's your worst nightmare. He's Uncle Fester with a badge.

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