How Adaggio Forecasting is Changing the Game in Music Catalog Valuation

Adaggio team

The music industry has seen a significant shift towards music streaming platforms, a trend linked to technological advancements. Unlike a few years ago, many people now go to platforms like Spotify or Apple Music to listen to their favorite songs, and music catalogs are now more valuable than ever. A music catalog is a collection of songs released by an artist. The owner controls the copyrights to songs included in the catalog and receives income from the generated music royalties each time the music is consumed or used, making music catalogs a valuable asset for artists, record labels, and music publishers today. Adaggio Forecasting, a leading private music investment fund, is now changing the game in music catalog valuation. They are taking this a step further with their new music catalog valuation service.

Adaggio Forecasting has curated a unique system that combines traditional valuation techniques with cutting-edge data expertise, analyzing song per song and source per source. This ensures a more accurate and comprehensive valuation of music assets, helping artists gain more from their music and giving them time to focus on their art.

So that your music is paid what it’s truly worth, Adaggio Forecasting verifies royalty revenues from all paying sources for musicians, artists, producers, publishers, writers, and labels through a straightforward and intuitive method. Their team consists of musicians, executives, and data scientists who are not only well-knowledgeable but are experienced and understand the ins and outs of music today, and they are tapping into this to bring viable solutions and commercialize opportunities for your songs.

But what sets Addagio Forecasting apart is that their services are not only valuable assets for copyright owners but also for investors. Adaggio Forecasting evaluates catalogs based on the macroeconomic perspectives of determined global regions, bringing conservative, medium, and aggressive scenarios and commercial opportunities that your songs have forward in time. They are leveraging their connections and data to find the best deals on the market.

They have currently invested in over 130 catalogs and more than 120000 songs, including some of the biggest names in the history of Brazilian music. According to Joao Lucas Caracas, the CEO and founder of Addagio Forecasting and a musician for over 20 years, their goal is to build a time-resilient portfolio.

Social media growth and paid streaming subscriptions have demonstrated that music is continuously evolving, and there are now more ways to commercialize your work, said Joao Luccas. Adaggio Forecasting is looking to build a portfolio with an upward trajectory that others can tap into to grow. This means songs that are still playing after 20-30 years.

Over the years, Addagio Forecasting has analyzed and evaluated hundreds of music catalogs with thousands of paying sources.

As more artists sell their financial catalogs and financial players actively look for catalogs to invest in, Addagio Forecasting is helping everyone “win.” They are truly changing the game for artists, labels, publishers, writers, and investors, who now have a reliable way to assess the value of their music. With Addagio Forecasting, artists can make better strategic decisions and get the most out of their music.

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