Our favorite local music collective/studio/radio station/creative non-profit/record label/DJ team/inspiration to us all, Dublab, is offering an amazing schedule of talent and mixes this week. Mindblowing, actually, and we've a mind to tune in, turn on and drop out for the next few days and simply appreciate the glory that is Dublab radio. The collective, which recently switched to non-profit status, is in the middle of their bi-annual Proton Drive, a fund-raising effort dedicated to keep the Dublab functioning.

The inimitable Neil Hamburger

Sadly, you already missed Jimmy Tamborello, but check the schedule out. We're pumped to hear what Neil Hamburger has in store for us tomorrow from noon to 2 p.m., given his recent Neil Hamburger Sings Country Winners release. Ditto the rest of tomorrow, actually, with Peanut Butter Wolf segueing into Anticon's Telephone Jim Jesus and directly into the remarkable Mia Doi Todd. Thursday's Lucky Dragons set should be interesting, as well.

And there's no way we're missing the final session: Tuesday, May 20th through Wednesday, May 21st: A 24-hour no-sleep session from 10am – 10am featuring Ale & frosty.

The complete schedule follows.

Dublab's Proton Drive Schedule:

Tuesday, May 13th

3-5pm: Take

5-6pm: 4×4 Tracktor aka Kofie One

6-7pm: Nudge (live!)

7-8pm: Cantaloupe

8-10pm: Hoseh & McAllister


7-9am: frosty, Ale & Toros

9-10am: Hashim B. (exotic 45’s set)

10-Noon: Eric Steuer

Noon-2pm: Neil Hamburger

2-4pm: Peanut Butter Wolf

4-5pm: Telephone Jim Jesus (Anticon)

5-7pm: Mia Doi Todd

THURSDAY, May 15th

10-11am: Ale & frosty

11am-12pm: Jeremy Drake

12-2pm: Hashim B.

2-4pm: Lucky Dragons (live & dj set)

4-5pm: Garth Trinidad

5-8pm: THE HIT AND RUN SOUND SWERVE with: Abcnt Mnded, Brandy Flower, Chitlins, Toks & Valtron

8-9pm: Morpho

9-10pm: Blank Blue (live!)

FRIDAY, May 16th

7-10am: frosty, Ale, Toros

10am-12pm: Afternoon Awesome Episode

12-1pm: Mahssa

1-3pm: Kozyndan

3-5pm: sodapop & Katie

5-7pm: Eric Vallely

SATURDAY, May 17th

1-2pm – Julia Holter live!

MONDAY, May 19th

7-10am: frosty, Ale & Toros

10am-12pm: Anthony Valadez

12-2pm: Action Packed

2-6pm: STONES THROW FAMILY FUN with: Haircut, Dam Funk & more!

6-7pm: Excitement to end the hours

TUESDAY, May 20th – WEDNESDAY, May 21st //// 24-HOUR NO-SLEEP SESSION 10am – 10am: Ale & frosty

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