As you doubtless know, next weekend is Carmageddon, or the 2-day shutdown of the 405. Unlike many of us, the farmers who normally come to the Santa Monica farmers markets on the weekends will not be spending that time at home making Marcella Hazan's Bolognese sauce in their pajamas. The markets will be open, but many farmers will be stranded. So market managers are suggesting a new variation on the farm-to-table game: Host A Farmer.

To play, consider hosting a farmer in your area home between July 15-18. Farmers will be able to park their cars in Santa Monica City lots, so you won't necessarily have a van of produce in your driveway for the weekend, just the farmer who drove it down from the farm. If you would like to participate, just approach a farmer or two at the market this Wednesday and talk to them. Something you should probably be doing anyway, if only to discuss the state of Santa Rosa plums in Los Angeles.

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