Many of us have been put on some sort of probation, official or otherwise. Maybe we partied too much in college and neglected our studies. Perhaps our employer noticed our penchant for oversleeping and gave us a warning. But being put on probation for being too fat? Cassandra Smith, waitress at a Detroit-based Hooters, was put on a 30-day probation by store managers for being too heavy and instructed to join a gym. We're assuming they didn't mean top heavy, because at Hooters' that would get a waitress a bonus, not probation.

At 5'8″ and weighing in at 132 pounds, Smith promptly filed an antidiscrimination lawsuit against her managers, claiming they violated her civil rights. Smith says she felt “humiliated and offended” by the probation, especially when her suit claims that her weight “is within the medically acceptable range (and is, in fact, at the low end of the range).”

Smith has been a Hooters' employee for over two years, apparently “earning high marks” for her performance. The Detroit Free Press reported that employees at the Detroit Hooters declined to comment and passed further questions to corporate headquarters. Interestingly, corporate did not return calls. They must have been too busy working out at their local gym.

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