Dennis Romero in the in the Weekly's news blog reports (via blogdowntown) that downtown's LA Live, the city's “premier destination for live entertainment,” will be getting a new neighbor. Hooters, the “casual beach-theme” chain, will be bringing their own brand of live entertainment, orange shorts, suggestive owls and all, to 1248 S. Figueroa soon.

Hooters has been frying pickles for more than 27 years now and, in case you hadn't heard, they also specialize in spicy chicken wings, Vegas hotels, and a cleverly named charity (HOO.C.E.F). Unfortunately for pervy travelers, though, they no longer specialize in airline management.

The downtown location will be next to a Knight's Restaurant, which practically guarantees at least one inebriated damsel-rescuing quest per weekend. Construction on this brilliant combo is scheduled to start next month, and thank God, because the Laker girls only dance during the commercials.

LA Weekly